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Welcome to the Swedish Espacenet!

Espacenet gives you access to more than 100 million documents from all over the world, including Sweden. For some countries documents from the 1800s up to now are available. Some of the oldest documents are not searchable by bibliographic data, but can be retrieved using the publication numbers.

In Espacenet you can search in five different databases:

  • The Worldwide database contains patent documents from the all countries. Text search can be made in English, in titles and abstracts.
  • The Worldwide EN, Worldwide FR and Worldwide DE databases only contain documents published in English, French and German, respectively. Text search can only be made in the respective languages, in titles, abstracts and full text.
  • The SE database contains Swedish patent documents. Text search can be made in Swedish, currently only in titles. If you can't access the SE database it is probably because you are on the old Swedish site. Click here for access to the new site, and update your bookmarks!

Text search in the SE database has some limitations. The database does currently not contain much Swedish text, only the titles of the documents (from 1975 for all types of documents). The search engine doesn't support the Swedish letters å, ä and ö, which are treated as a or o. Furthermore, the letters å, ä and ö have in the past been transcribed (for example å to aa, ä to ae or e and ö to oe), and the search engine cannot handle the transscriptions automatically. Swedish documents can be searched in the Worldwide database, but only when there is an English translation of the title or abstract.

For searching only Swedish documents we therefore recommend PRV's service Swedish Patent Database , since it enables Swedish full text search in the entire Swedish patent documentation.

This is the Smart search page. Here you can make a simple search by entering a query in the Smart search field. If you want to make a more detailed search, for example using bibliographic data, choose Advanced Search. If you select Classification search you can consult the classification schemes of CPC, the Cooperative Patent Classification.

As default, Smart search is connected to the Worldwide database. If you want to select a different database please click here .

To limit a search in Smart search to only Swedish documents, use the prefix PN=SE in your search statement. To limit a search in Advanced search to only Swedish documents, use SE in the "Publication number" field.

The complete patent documents are in PDF format. In order to read them you need Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar software.

If you have any questions about Espacenet, please contact PRV's Patent Support for more information. Phone: +46 8 7822800 (08:00-16:40, summertime 08:00-16:00), E-mail: